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Source Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SJPS)

Aim & Scope

Source Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences is an international open access journal devoted to Pharmaceutical studies and its research. SJPS published by Source Journals is committed to publish high quality papers which covers all major areas of Pharmaceutical studies and its related fields.

SJPS publishes original research, latest developments, review papers, scientific data and editorials from leading scientists and scholars around the world. SJPS covers the following areas but not restricted.

Drug Designing Drug Toxicology
Drug Action Drug Side Effects
Drug Delivery Chemical Engineering
Drug Deposition Recombinant Drugs
Drug Statistics Chemometrics
Drug Dosage Epidemiology
Drug Formulation Physiological Effects
Drug Delivery Systems Biochemical Effects
Drug Stability Receptor interactions
Drug Synthesis Pharmacokinetics
Drug Therapy Pharmacodynamics
Drug Ethics Pharmacogenomics
Drug Analysis Medicinal Chemistry

Source Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SJPS) issues are published regularly. All articles pertaining to Pharmaceutical Sciences and its related fields of research undergo heavy scrutiny by the most reputed scholars, scientists and ensure error proof articles will consider for publication.

The Encyclopaedia of SJPS provides a rapid access to focused information on Drug Designing, Action, Delivery, Deposition, Dosage, Formulation, Stability, Synthesis, Analysis, Toxicology, Side Effects, Ethics, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. SJPS will also covers the Nanomedicine, Recombinant Drugs, Receptor Interaction with drugs, Chemical Engineering, Biochemical and Physiological effects of drugs. SJPS welcomes original full-length articles, reviews, case studies, meeting summaries, brief reports, and editorials which covers contemporary and emerging areas in Pharmaceutical Sciences to reach multidisciplinary audience.

The major task of SJPS is to report latest advancements in Pharmaceutical Sciences and its research. All SJPS articles are accessible without any restrictions to all users throughout the world and anyone can contribute their research or any relevant information related to the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences.